packed lunches

Few things used to fill me with as much dread as packing lunches until I decided to document the lunches I was packing and started to look for inspiration outside of my own kitchen.  I share my girls' lunches on Instagram every day and will highlight some of my tips and tricks here.


the crudité lunch

The name alone sounds fancy, but in reality, this is just a lunch of fruit, vegetables, crackers and some protein. The rainbow of colours and finger-sized bites make it a great packed lunch.


fancy pita sandwich and fruit

This lunch is all about the presentation - the fancy (but so simple) mango flower and an easy and nutritious whole wheat pita filled with either cheese and greens or some tofu and greens. Changing up how fruit and vegetables are served makes them new and exciting all over again (or for the first time!).


mini loaf, fruit, veggies and trail mix

A mini loaf for lunch? Why not?! I baked some muffins in a mini loaf pan - just a change in shape to keep things exciting - and packed one with some fruit, vegetables and a chick pea trail mix.